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Synovation Conditioning Spray: Restores natural looking body and texture to wigs and hairpieces.  Coats fibres to create a healthy look and works to prevent friction frizz. Can also be used on clean, dry wigs and pieces to assist styling. Size 250ml. £6.95

Synovation Fibre Oil: From our specially formulated Synovation collection of aftercare products, the Synovation Fibre Oil is a water-based, lustre gloss formula which helps to eliminate tangles and lubricate fibres to make all hair-types look and feel naturally healthy and glossy. Gives a healthy, glossy finish. Helps to eliminate tangles and lubricate dry fibres. Leaves wigs and hairpieces feeling soft and natural. Size 250ml. £7.50

Synovation Finishing Spray: From our specially formulated Synovation collection of aftercare products, the Finishing Spray is a light, water-based hairspray that holds styles without any stiffness and brushes and washes out easily. Especially designed to nurture and protect wigs and hairpieces- it is made in a delightful fragrance of cucumber & mint. Holds hairstyles without any stiffness. Washes out easily in cool water and brushes out easily. Dries fast to create a natural look. Size 250ml. £7.95

Synovation Revitaliser: A gentle soak formula in a delightful fragrance of mint and cucumber, especially formulated to nourish and protect fibres. A gentle soak to be used on wigs and hairpieces, after shampooing. Softens and replenishes fibres to leave them soft and silky. Extends lifespan fibres and protects them from the elements. Light, water-based formula which does not accumulate residue. Size 250ml. £6.95

Synovation Shampoo: Designed to help cleanse and deodorise wigs and hairpieces. A light, water-based, non-greasy formula, it gives extra protection to fibres and nourishes them to help keep them smooth, glossy and tangle-free. Easy to wash out and in a delightful fragrance of mint and cucumber. Gently cleanses to deep clean wigs and hairpieces. Removes residue and deodorises hair. Brightens and protects colour. For best results, follow with the Synovation Conditioner. Size 250ml. £6.00

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