Hair Extensions

Nano Tips

hair nano rings micro beadsNano tip hair extensions have the smallest tips worldwide and are our current favourite method. They are secured to your natural hair using a tiny nano tip. These tips are far smaller than the standard micro beads.

Pro Salon’s nano tip strands are available in our most popular lengths of 18 and 20 inches. They come in a variety of dazzling shades and each pack contains 25 strands of the highest quality.

Micro Bead Hairdressing

nano micro hair extensionsAlso known as micro rings or loop extensions, they are perfect for a more long-term solution for lengthening your hair. Made from 100% human hair strands, these top quality extensions can be styled however you wish, either curly or straight.

The hair extensions are very easy to apply. Micro loop strands are applied to similar sized pieces of your own hair, around 1 cm away from the scalp. Micro beads are popular because they hold the extensions securely in place without the need for harsh glues or chemicals.

Human Hair Weave Extensions

human hair

Cliphair’s human-hair weave come as a long piece of weft and are painlessly applied by sewing into the scalp. They can also be used to make clip-on extensions.

Cliphair recommend 4 packs to create that full head look. However, this can vary depending on how thick you’d like your extensions to look. They last 3 – 4 months before needing any maintenance and can be applied to hair length as short as 4 inches.

Human-hair weaves are growing in popularity because they are easily styled to reflect your mood. Silky, soft and totally smooth, the extensions can be straightened, curled and styled as you desire. If you like the freedom of applying your own extensions then human hair wefts are for you!

hair micro beads hairdressingDo you want to instantly change your look in seconds? With our new range of clip in pieces you can follow the latest trends and stay one step ahead of the crowd. From clip-in fringes to ponytails and quad wefts, you can emulate that celebrity look. Glossy Locks has a wide range of shades and colours in stock to fit your individual taste.